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Industrialbank expanded a list of currencies for settlement transactions under foreign contracts to 16 currencies

In order to expand its services to the customers and correspondent banks, INDUSTRIALBANK opened correspondent accounts in further 6 currencies: BYN, KZT, GEL, AZN, MDL and KGS.

   “A package of transactional services in CIS currencies is a unique offer in the market”, — Oleksandra Godik, Adviser to Chairman of the Board of  Industrialbank, says,The offered  terms of transactional business of the Bank, as well as fee rates are quite competitive. We expect the growing interest both on the part of our existing and new customers conducting their business with partners from CIS countries, such as Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kirghizia”.


At the time moment Industrialbank provides settlement services in 16 currencies:

·         USD

·         EUR

·         UAH

·         GBP

·         JPY

·         NOK

·         SEK

·         CHF

·         CNY

·         RUB

·         BYN

·         AZN

·         GEL

·         KZT

·         MDL

·         KGS


The valid list of correspondent accounts can be found here.


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