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Mykhailo Bukrieiev spoke to participants of the Second Eastern European Regional Academy

On 20 February 2017, Mykhailo Bukrieiev, Chairman of the Board of Industrialbank took part in the Second Eastern European Regional Academy for Social Democracy, initiated by Fridrich-Ebert- Stiftung Ukraine.

In course of the event, Mykhailo Bukrieiev told about the current Ukrainian industrial policy, lending, and introduced real cases of Industrialbank. After his speech participants from different countries asked interesting and sometimes unexpected questions about loan costs in Ukraine, situation in banking sector, NBU activities, and communicated of situation in their countries. Racy discussion continued even after the designated time expired. 
“Conversation with representatives of different countries is not only sharing experience and possibility to establish relationship. Such meetings also aim to provide information about the actual situation in our country and to understand more clearly influence of the global developments to what happens in Ukraine.   
Many industries in our country, for example, agriculture, demonstrate growth, and all we need now is to work efficiently. Industrialbank focuses to find solutions advantageous for our customers, and all challenges motivate us to grow and build on cooperation, including with foreign partners”, — Mykhailo Bukrieiev, Chairman of the Board of Industrialbank, said.
Participants of the Second Eastern European Regional Academy for Social Democracy are representatives of governments, social institutions and funds from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Inter alia, the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, Wolfgang Bindseil, Deputy Head of the German Embassy in Ukraine, Yurii Pyvovarov, Director General of UAID are among speakers of the event.

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