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Industrialbank: Work results in the first half of 2017

For 6 months of this year, the net profit of Industrialbank amounted to UAH 3.9 mln, In the first quarter - UAH 2.9 mln, and in the second - UAH 966 thousand.

At the reporting date the Bank's assets are UAH 2.8 billion, the Bank's own capital is UAH 850 mln. The Bank's loan portfolio amounted to UAH 2.0 billion, where corporate loans  amounted to UAH 1.9 billion.
 As of the reporting date, the volume of customer deposits attracted by Industrialbank amounted to UAH 1.8 billion, of which UAH 466 million - corporate funds, UAH 1.3 billion - retail deposits.
August 1, 2017 at a meeting of shareholders of Industrialbank decided to merge with Express Bank by joining it to Industrialbank. The equity capital of the united bank will be 1.3 billion UAH, assets - 4.2 billion UAH.


JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" (Zaporizhzhya), founded in 1990, is a universal Bank that provides a wide range of services to corporate and individuals customers. The financial reliability of the Bank is confirmed by the ratings of the independent rating agency Credit-Rating at the level of uaA- with the stable forecast (June 27, 2017).