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 Joint Stock Commercial Bank “INDUSTRIALBANK” is established as the open joint stock company upon the reorganization of the commercial bank “Sodruzhestvo”, established by the decision of the bank’s founders meeting in 12.03.1990 (minutes № 5) and registered by the State bank of USSR under № 744 dd. 06.11.1990, and is its assignee, and registered by the National bank of Ukraine under № 36 dd. 16.10.1991.
On the 11th of September the year 1996 the Bank was renamed in Joint Stock Commercial Bank “INDUSTRIALBANK”.

Joint Stock Commercial Bank “INDUSTRIALBANK” is the assignee of Joint Stock Commercial “MT-Bank”, registered by the Executive Committee of Kremenchug municipal board in Poltavskaya region under № 15851200000000642 dd. 27.12.1991, and by the National Bank of Ukraine under № 77 dd. 27.12.1991, due to reorganization of JSCB “MT-Bank” by joining to JSCB “INDUSTRIALBANK”.

The bank operates as a full-service bank being in the uniformed banking system of Ukraine and acting in the interests of Shareholders of the Bank, including the interests of the depositors and other lenders of the Bank and the state.