Interbank market transactions

 Resource market transactions

  • Raising and placement of loans and deposits in hrivna and hard currencies;
  • Resource transactions SWAP;
  • Conclusion of General agreements on interbank transactions with contracting banks;
  • Consortium lending.

Foreign exchange transactions

  • Purchase and sale of hard and weak currencies, precious metals for hrivna;
  • Settlements on foreign exchange transactions on TOD, TOM, SPOT terms;
  • “FORWARD” transactions intended to hedge risk of foreign exchange rate fluctuation.

Conversion transactions

  • Purchase or sale of one foreign currency for another foreign currency;
  • Possibility to carry out transactions in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, NZD, AUD, RUB;
  • Settlements on TOD, TOM and SPOT terms.

For further information please contact Treasury department at tel. +380-61-225-18-08, +380-61-225-18-71, 225-18-35



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