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The Industrial24_Business Internet Banking service offers the following features:

  • view the status of current or other accounts, taking into account the projected balance
  • execution of current payments
  • sending to the Bank applications for the purchase / sale of currency
  • exchange with the Bank informational messages
  • get current information about enrolling and debiting funds from your accounts today
  • formation of an extract for any period
  • receive daily exchange rates set by the NBU
  • conducting counterparts directories for each Client
  • exchange with the bank of other information from the office, reducing the attendance of the bank to a minimum
    maintaining an archive of payment documents submitted to the bank
  • receiving telegrams with which the National Bank of Ukraine orders to familiarize clients of the Bank
    hotline consultation

Advantages of Internet Banking Services Industrial24_Business:

  • mobility - access to the service is possible from any computer connected to the Internet, but does not require additional software.
  • efficiency - access to the current account to receive relevant information is not limited by time
  • ease of use - no need to obtain additional knowledge and skills to receive information about the status of accounts via the Internet, no need to study a new software product, there is no question of storing local data in case of a computer breakdown and reinstallation of the operating system.

The Industrial24_Business system includes 2 modules:

  • Web-banking module (for remote control of accounts from stationary computers)
  • Smartphone-banking module (for remote account management with mobile devices)

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