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We are seeking to help you to orientate yourselves in the sphere of finances and to manage your funds effectively

To legal entities

We understand the importance of domestic business support and make much to develop business in Ukraine

To banks

In order to improve services rendered to individuals and companies of Ukraine we offer mutually beneficial cooperation to other banks

IBI-rating rating agency with the cooperation of Professional Association of Corporate Governance conducted research of the quality of corporate governance in Ukrainian banks.
At IV-quarter-end 2015 and I-quarter-end 2016, Minfin portal published financial strength ratings of Ukrainian banks.
On 24 May 2016, independent rating agency Credit-Rating updated long-term credit rating of INDUSTRIALBANK under the National scale, having upgraded it to uaA- level. Outlook is Stable.
According to the decision passed by Supervisory Council of INDUSTRIALBANK, Mykhailo Bukrieiev (formerly: Acting Chairman of the Board) is appointed to the post of Chairman of the Board starting from 1 June 2016.
Based on the performance for the year 2015, INDUSTRIALBANK earned about UAH 23 mln., which is by 2.5 times more than the same in the year 2014. As at the end of the last year, the Banks assets exceeded UAH 2.8 bln., equity capital amounted to UAH 846 mln., the raised funds totaled more than UAH 1.78 bln., credit portfolio of the Bank equaled to UAH 2.1 bln.