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In the course of the meeting of the members of JSCB INDUSTRIALBANK held on 26 August 2016, it was decided to change composition of Supervisory Council of the Bank. Based on the results of voting, powers of the members of Supervisory Council: Artur Abdinov and Oleksandr Rabtsun were terminated. 
INDUSTRIALBANK summarized performance of the Bank in I quarter of the current year in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards pursuant to NBU requirements.
Results of the first stage inspection of INDUSTRIALBANK held by National Bank of Ukraine highlight sustainability and stability of the Bank, which is confirmed by NBU opinion.
INDUSTRIALBANK announces the Extraordinary Meeting of the Bank Members to be held on 26.08.2016.
On 13 July 2016, Financial Club held roundtable discussion on the topic Large Business Lending: Reset, attended by Mykhailo Bukrieiev, Chairman of the Board of JSCB INDUSTRIALBANK.