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For the attention of bank participants

PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY JOINT-STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK Industrialbank (hereinafter - the Bank), (location: 01133, Ukraine, Kiev, 18/7 General Almazova Street, Kiev)
REPORTS that on the basis of the protocol of the joint meeting of the Supervisory Board and the Management Board of JSCB Industrialbank No. 32 dated 10/18/2019, a decision was made to change the Depository institution of PJSC Zaporizhstal-AG (EDRPOU code 24511691 located at 69008, Zaporozhye , South highway, 72) and termination of the agreement on servicing securities accounts of holders No. ED-4 dated 09/30/2014 (Additional agreement dated 05/21/2015) to the Depository institution of JSCB Industrialbank

Details of the new depository institution:
EDRPOU: 13857564; MGO - 305169;
The depository code of the account with the Central Bank at the central depository is 10002400210305169
Legal address: 01133, Ukraine, Kiev, General Almazova Street, 18/7
Phone: (044) 290-93-81, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
These licenses for professional activities in the stock market - depository activities: Decision of the National Commission for the Securities Market No. 409 of 07/30/2019

Board of JSCB Industrialbank



Notice of significant events 04.12.2017

Notice of significant events 04.12.2017 PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY JOINT-STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK "INDUSTRIALBANK" (hereinafter - JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" or Bank) informs that in the framework of the procedure of reorganization by joining JSC "EXPRESS-BANK" to JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK", carried out in accordance with the Decision of the Supervisory Committee and regulation of banking activities, oversight (over-the-counter) of the payment systems of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 303 dated 18.08.2017, under a simplified procedure, extraordinary general meeting of participants of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK", which took place on December 4, 2017, it was decided to issue shares for the total amount of 248,767,757.00 (Two hundred and forty eight million seven hundred sixty seven thousand seven hundred fifty seven) UAH for the purpose of converting shares JSC "EXPRESS-BANK" as an acceding Bank in the action of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" as the successor bank by issuing ordinary registered shares of non-documentary form of existence with the nominal value of one (one) share 3.29 (three hryvnia twenty nine kopecks ) in the amount of 75,613,300 (si about five million six hundred thirteen thousand three hundred) pieces.

The amount of issue is equal to the amount of authorized capital of JSC "EXPRESS-BANK". The number of issued shares corresponds to the number of shares of EBRD EXPRESS-BANK after conversion into shares of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK", in accordance with the conversion factor. The shares of the acceding Bank are converted into shares of the successor Bank. All ordinary and preferred shares of EBRD "EXPRESS-BANK", as an acceding Bank, regardless of class, are converted into ordinary shares of the non-documentary form of the existence of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" as the successor bank.The conversion factor for ordinary and preferred shares of a non-documentary form of existence is 100. One share of the Bank, which joins a nominal value of UAH 329. converted into 100 ordinary shares of the Bank, the successor, with a nominal value of 3.29 UAH.

 The conversion of the shares of the Bank joining into the shares of the successor Bank is carried out without the need for obtaining the consent of the participants of the Bank joining. Shares give their owners rights that are in line with the rights of the participants - the owners of ordinary registered shares in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the Statute of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK".

As a result, the size of the authorized capital of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" will be equal to the amount of its authorized capital before joining and the total nominal value of the shares issued for the purpose of conversion and will amount to 856 565 811,50 (eight hundred fifty six million five hundred and sixty five thousand eight hundred eleven) UAH 50 kopecks.

 Issue of shares, in accordance with the decision of extraordinary general meeting of 04.12.2017, is not a placement in the meaning of the Law of Ukraine "On Securities" and regulations of the NCSSMF. There is no payment for the shares.

Issue is carried out without a prospectus, attraction of traders, investors.The procedure for increasing the authorized capital of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" is carried out under a simplified procedure in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On simplification of bank reorganization and capitalization procedures" No. 1985-VIII dated March 23, 2017, the Regulation "On peculiarities of bank reorganization by the decision of its owners", approved by the Resolution Board of the National Bank of Ukraine N 189 of June 27, 2008 and Decision of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market on approval of "Procedure for registration of shares in a simplified procedure Reorganization and Capitalization of Banks "No. 530 dated July 14, 2017. 

Chairman of the Board of JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK" Mykhailo Bukrieiev  

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