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Customer appeal

Informing clients about the Bank's procedure for considering their applications


Address of the Main Bank for correspondence and submission of written requests from clients (including emails)

1.1.Mailing address:


01133, Ukraine, Kyiv

General Almazov str., 18/7

1.2. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


List of postal addresses of the Bank's branches for filing applications



Bank "Hotline" telephone number and working hours

0 800 50 35 35



Information that must be provided when oral appeal

Surname, name, patronymic of the applicant, date of birth, place of residence, content of the question and phone number for contact


Peculiarities of processing customer requests and terms of their consideration

1) The client has the right to submit an appeal regarding the activities of the Bank;

2) The client has the right to apply to the National Bank of Ukraine in accordance with the Instruction on organizing the consideration of citizens' applications, conducting a personal appointment and providing access to public information at the National Bank of Ukraine - Decision of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine of 04.05.2020. (Іf our Bank did not provide a response to the appeal within the period established by the legislation of Ukraine for considering applications or the received response did not satisfy the client);

3) Submitting an appeal to the Bank or the National Bank does not deprive the client of the right to go to court, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine for the protection of his rights and interests;

4) The officials of the Bank are responsible for:

  • refusal to accept and consider the appeal;
  • violation of the terms of consideration of the appeal;
  • other violations of the client's right to appeal in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

5) Communication channels for customers to submit complaints:

for letters:

  • by post;
  • on purpose;
  • via the Bank's website;
  • via the electronic form on the "Trust Line" on the Bank's website – reports of unacceptable behavior * of the Bank's employees;
  • to email address reception@industrialbank;
  • through the Bank's Internet sites on Facebook, AppStore, PlayMarket, Google-maps.


  • call centre (t. 0 800 50 35 35);
  • by telephone;
  • at a personal appointment.

* Inappropriate behavior includes: provision of inaccurate financial, statistical and management reporting, official crimes, business crimes (fraud), violation of sanctions, legalization (laundering) of proceeds of crime, financing terrorism and financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, corrupt practices, violation of consumer rights, violation of Ukrainian legislation, violation of internal regulations of the Bank.

6) According to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the Treatment of Citizens", established such requirements for consideration of applications:

Applications are considered and resolved within a period of no more than one month from the date of their receipt, and those Appeals that do not require additional study are considered urgently, no later than fifteen days from the date of their receipt. If it is impossible to resolve the issues raised in the appeal within a month, the head of the Bank sets the required time frame for its consideration, this is reported to the person who submitted the appeal. The total period for resolving the issues raised in the appeal cannot exceed forty-five days.

Upon a substantiated written request of the client, the review period may be reduced.

The appeal of citizens, benefits, are considered as a matter of priority.


Customer electronic appeal form


7.1. Phone number for making appointments for clients:

7.2. Address for a personal appointment:

7.3. Personal Reception Schedule

7.4. Excerpt from the normative legal act governing the organization of work with clients' requests for organizing a personal reception

7.1. (044) 290 89 67

7.2. Kyiv, General Almazov str., 18/7;

7.3. Head of the Board Olexandr Markovskyi, once a month, every 3rd Friday from 16-00 to 18-00;

7.4. Excerpt from the NBU Methodological Recommendations


Link to the section "Citizens' Appeal" of the official Internet office of the National Bank, which contains information on the consideration of appeals by the National Bank of Ukraine

logo nbu 


Intrabank documents regulating the procedure for considering customer requests in the Bank

Instruction from business in JSCB "INDUSTRIALBANK"


Information about the possibility of filing an appeal in person or through an authorized other person in all places where services are provided to customers

The client has the right to submit an appeal personally or through another authorized person in all places where the Bank provides services to clients


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